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If I Were An Unschooler…

I’m not comfortable with the amount of time my kids are spending on technology. The laptop, Ipad or Iphone. It’s Shania who loves technology the most, I think if I allowed it she would stay on her favourite game Animal Jam all day, she really really loves playing on it. I have tried to limit their time to an hour and a half each on Animal Jam per day, but so far I don’t think I’ve stuck to it.

I know some parents, the ones who unschool or radical unschool, allow their children to choose what they do, so if I were an unschooler I suppose I would allow them to stay on it for as long as they like.
The problem is, I can’t be a ‘proper unschooler’, even though I like the idea of it, because I wouldn’t feel in control and if there isn’t some sort of routine in my house I can start to feel anxious, just like I feel anxious today about the amount of time my children spend on Animal Jam. Or maybe how I feel anxious about the fact that my children just aren’t tired anymore until around midnight and sometimes don’t get up until after 10am. Or even how sometimes I feel anxious that Shania will only do worksheets she enjoys and are ‘easy and fun’ and if I give her one which look hard or she doesn’t quite understands she just won’t do it. Am I being too soft? Am I allowing them to have too much control? If I was unschooling I wouldn’t think that but right now I don’t know quite what I’m doing.
I’m trying to allow them a lot more freedom and choice, I’m saying yes more and my patience has grew immensely since we started home ed, but then some days I think I’m not pushing my kids boundaries enough and if they just do what they’re comfortable with, how will they ever grow?

I know it will all be okay, most of these issues are just in my head and it’s me who has to deal with my anxiety and control stuff.
What’s important is that my children are happy, and they are. Their little faces haven’t stopped smiling since we started home education. They are much more confident too.
Free spirits, just how kids should be.

But too free? I don’t know.

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  1. Becky Ramage says:

    No Kelly 🙂 you are NOT competing with school 🙂
    Haha sorry about that, but that’s all I could hear reading this entry… Going to bed and getting up later? Comparing it to the schooldays! Does it matter? No – not unless you have an issue with it such as i need more time to myself at night. It doesn’t harm them whatsoever. It doesn’t matter what time they get tired – that only mattered when a school routine happened. Evie did exactly the same, she is a night owl and comes alive at night. I let her – and then reset the boundaries because i wanted a bit more me-and-hubby chillout time inbetween her bedtime and ours.
    Yes, let them do the easy things. They don’t have targets to reach anymore – they will naturally reach out for things that challenge them when they’re ready. When they have deschooled themselves!
    And lastly, you don’t have to get rid of your own family and house rules and boundaries to deschool – forget about education. Forget about school. Focus on life without formal learning. It is so hard at the beginning! And the anxiety is real!! You’re not alone or abnormal!! It all just means you’re not out of the school frame of mind yet. Still unschooling 😉

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