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Children are inquisitive, natural learners

Children are inquisitive natural learners

Some days I am in a battle with myself. I get in the ‘school’ mindset and start to think my children aren’t doing enough learning and that I should start to sit them down for a few hours a day and teach them a curriculum, like they did in school. But then I remember that I have taken them out of school without the intention of bringing school into our home. ¬†Learning is done freely, they are naturally inquisitive and the way they learn now is different to how they learnt in school, it doesn’t have to be the same. Learning is fun and they love it.

So when I was just starting to doubt myself and get into the ‘school’ mindset last Thursday, Something beautiful happened. ¬†I sat quietly and watched what my children were doing. Rio was sitting on the settee absorbed in his own world of huge, meat-eating T-rex’s and tall Brachiasaurus’. He had put himself a youtube video on about his favourite thing; dinosaurs.

Tehya was sitting on the other settee with my laptop placed on the coffee table in front of her, I had put google earth on for her and she was so intrigued and focused on all the different countries and cities on Earth. She was randomnly clicking on places and dropping the little yellow man on to a road where she would ‘walk’ around exploring. There were grand , cosmopoliton cities, quiet, lonely streets and long stretches of sandy beaches, all so exciting to her young 7 year old eyes. What city is this mummy’? she would ask if there was a word she couldn’t pronounce. She was having a geography, IT, and English lesson all in one and loving it! A while later, she discovered that she could also look at the Moon and Mars on Google Earth. Together, we explored the craters of the moon and the funny blue colours on Mars. This led to us having a conversation about the different stages of the moon, Neil Armstrong, NASA and the possibility of alien life. She was absorbed in this activity for at least 2 hours and I just felt like the proudest mum ever. Shania was also upstairs looking at the moon on another laptop.

homeschooling google earth

tehya and rio learning at home


By the end of the day I was beaming and yet again, my children had proven to me that I have nothing to worry about; each time I compare what we do to school or doubt myself I am just wasting both my time and my energy.

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  1. Heloise McManus says:

    Your story is so beautiful to read Kelly, your kids are going to love you so much for giving them the freedom to learn in there own special way. I look forward to reading more.

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